Deep Cycle marine battery

Before we start with Deep cycle marine battery let us know what these batteries are? and some basic features and various other specs that make them different in any manner or ground whether it is built quality, battery’s power holding capacity, maintenance, performance etc if you want to buy click on best trolling motor battery.

As a majority of the boating passionate customers constantly seeking a more efficient and powerful battery, this encourages the battery manufacturing firms to come up and astonish a better battery. This is where a dual purpose marine battery kicks in. So let’s start with deep cycle battery.

A deep cycle marine battery is a battery crafted to discharge on a daily basis while consuming the maximum of the charge potential. The concept is mainly derived with the help of ‘cranking’ and starter automotive batteries outlined to furnish a minimal share of the entire potential of charge capacity in a manner of short, high-current burst for kick-starting the engine. When talking about the lead acid deep cycle batteries there is an inverse interrelation among the depth of discharge (DOD) and the number of discharge and charge cycles it could possibly withhold of about 50% recommended as the ideal cost vs. storage.

The bigger focus of the blog is on the classical lead-acid batteries coupled with the most up to date mechanism. Also, the lithium-ion batteries which is already in the middle of the road in more compact sizes. Also, it struggled at the beginning to secure the first place in the segment and with the same attributes but a price slightly higher when compared with the other type of batteries. However the same is available at a lower price but the thing is either the quality is compromised or the other features. Hence it is being provided at a slightly premium price than other batteries.

Deep cycle battery can also be used as trolling motor battery.For best trolling motor battery our first preference is to be used deep cycle battery rather than dual purpose battery for maximum result.

 A deep cycle marine battery is a lead acid battery which is manufactured and architecture to be oftenly discharged to its fullest consuming almost all the power it has. Whereas a starter battery is designed and manufactured in such a way that it could deliver short but high powered current bursts that could help in starting or jump start an engine, thus this allows only discharging a smaller part of its full capacity. The deep cycle battery is architecture in such a manner that it could discharge somewhere between 45 to 75 percent of the capacity while depending on the manufacturer and designing of the battery. However, these batteries are used uptil the moment it has only 20 % juice remaining. 

Deep cycle batteries and its Amp Hours

 Majority of the deep cycle batteries are rated in Amp Hours (AH) which acts as a unit which is used to measure the amount of energy used by the battery that could help to provide power for a longer period of time. Smaller deep cycle batteries often have a ratings of 25-50 AH whereas the bigger batteries are usually rated at an AH of 100. While on the other hand side amp hours might look like a measure of time, the actual amount of time a deep cycle battery can act as a real looking power source that completely is dependant on the current needed by a trolling motor or any other electric powered appliances and devices. The greater the current, the faster will be the battery’s capacity to consume the total energy of the battery. This makes it even more important to take into consideration the amount of energy needed by any other trolling motor or electrical equipment before you decide to get yourself a deep cycle battery.

So now let’s take Dual Purpose Battery and its definition and other aspects that help in differentiating a dual purpose battery from a deep cycle battery.

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