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Best Trolling Motor Battery

Before getting into the debate regarding which is the best trolling motor battery it is strongly recommended that we must first be acknowledged about what is a trolling motor? How did it work? What are its types and what is the purpose of using a trolling motor?

trolling motor battery

What is a trolling motor?

A trolling motor can be explained as electronic equipment which includes the propeller, controller, an electric motor. It comes fixed on an angler’s boat either on a bow or on a stem. A gasoline powered outboard is basically utilized more or less often used. And if by chance, in any case, it’s not in the primary vessel propulsion source it may be still called a trolling motor. Most generally trolling motors are lifted from the water to bring about a decrease or fall in the operation or functioning of a boat when its main engine is working.

Applications of Trolling Motor

So let’s have a look on what this electronic equipment can be used for? Any wild guesses? Ok, I’ll help you out.

  • Trolling motor is used for freshwater fishing
  • It’s applicable for being used for quietly moving on the water which is attached to the bow or stern on a boat.
  • Trolling for game fishing
  • The auxiliary power of trolling motor is used for moving the boat very carefully to let the angler may rest the bait just exactly where the fishes are at the present moment.
  • Such type of trolling motors is usually adjusted on the bow.

History of Trolling Motor

 Trolling motor was invented by O.G Schmidt in the year 1934 in Frago, North Dakota. He did this by taking a motor from a Ford model later added a flexible shaft and a propeller to this equipment. And this is because Schmidt’s manufacturing unit was near Minnesota, North Dakota Border Mr. Schmidt named the company as Minn Kota and the company today is a giant in manufacturing trolling motors today.

Power source used by Trolling Motors

 There are basically 2 types of trolling motors

  1. Electric Trolling Motors: The trolling motor that works on an electric form of energy or in other terms also known as trolling motor battery.
  2. Gasoline Trolling Motors: Trolling motors that runs of gas.

Electric Trolling motor : The electric trolling motor is powered with an electric battery or with a trolling motor battery and these motors are well of course designed for small boats for the sake of trolling hence it can work in almost any situation and on any type of boat. The controls are placed at the bottom so it can be controlled with the speed either for cruising or slowing down the motor.

Gasoline trolling motor : The gasoline trolling motors is powered by Gas and a small outboard motor are more often utilized as trolling motor on boats with huge engines that don’t get along quite well with trolling speeds. These motors were architectured with a manual pull start technique, its throttle and gearshift system are placed on the motor body.

What type of battery is used for trolling motor?

Generally speaking as a matter of fact there are in total two types of 12 Volt batteries

  1. Cranking or starting batteries which are architecture to start the main engine.
  2.  Deep cycle trolling motor battery which is utilized to power up the electrical accessories such as fish finder, trolling motor and radios.

The Duration of Trolling motor on a battery? 

When talking about trolling motor batteries or its online purchase you need to pay attention to the selling as well as the power consumption and efficiency rating. As greater the rating, the greater will be the power holding capacity of the trolling motor will be. And also the capacity or the life of the battery in the long run will be. For instance, the a 100 amp is able to supply 25 amps of power for 4 long continuous hours before it runs out of entire juice it’s having.

Guessing how a Trolling Motor functions?

A trolling motor or an electric motor runs on battery power in order to make the proper move or run or in other words to propel a motor fan to make the boat run. The total amount of power required to move a boat which is also termed as a power of thrust (P.O.T) and with enough power to run but this can’t help you to get through windy, weedy conditions and high waves.

Reasons for early battery failure/malfunctioning 

  • Undercharging
  • Loss of electrolyte due to heat or charging more than required (overcharging)
  • While in storage, the sulfation of lead
  • Extremely hot temperature or Freezing temperature
  • Excess vibration due to any reason
  • Positive plate shedding due to old age

 Maintaining your battery 

  • Being careful while you have kept your battery on charge because you don’t want it to get overcharged and malfunction. Speaking of overcharging, over the years it has been analysed from all over the world that it is one of the top most reason of troll motor batteries
  • Whenever purchased a new battery always keep in mind that to use it not fully while discharging it to 0%. Always keep a goal to use it up till 75% when it’s a new battery.
  • After every short interval of a specific period let’s say every 10-15 days to see whether it is fully intact or any signs of leaking acid, damages etc
  • The concentration of an acidic substance can be measured using a hydrometer.
  • Also, take a close look to see whether the battery’s acid water does not start overflowing.
  • And one more thing to add is to keeping a sharp eye on not letting the battery acid level reduced as it gives rise to major accidents
  • The troll motor battery demands a thorough and serious maintenance.

Things to keep in mind: 

Now as we have all been through the guidelines in a brief manner, we have now the entire info one can need on each battery. You have now brief info on the entire ampere, size and the weight which are the three features you need to look upon while purchasing a trolling battery. There are in total three types of batteries AGM, Wet cell battery.

As this has been already described above that there exist multipurpose and single functioned batteries. Once you have gone through the specification of all the batteries and keeping in mind all the pointers you can finally filter the search for trolling batteries and get the best one that actually suits your requirement and is true to your need. One more thing a person’s best choice is his best choice. So if you are done with the lookout for specs and found your ideal battery GO FOR IT.

How to Choose best Trolling Motor Battery?

Before we get into all the facts, figures and recommended things to be kept in mind before while opting for the best trolling motor batteries for yourself let’s just take a quick and short peek on what is a trolling motor? A trolling motor can be defined as an electric-battery powered motor used for actuating small fishing boats, which are thus known as trolling motor.
A dependable trolling motor battery will give you a helping hand every time you go out for fishing and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Moreover just like any other electric or battery powered devices and equipment they need specific trolling motor batteries that could discharge slowly and gradually over a period of time.

We will be listing down a few most trolling motor batteries which are dependable and are reputed and honoured for performance and value for money models in the world of trolling motor batteries. These batteries are a mix of dual purpose batteries which could be used for starting, deep cycling and other specialized deep cycle batteries.

top 5 best trolling motor battery

  • Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop
  • Universal UB121000-45978 12v 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery
  • VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM
  • Exide XMC-31 Mega Cycle AGM-200
  • Interstate DCM0035 Sealed Lead Acid (AGM)

There are a few specifications that could be remembered as the pointers to avoid making mistake in purchasing a trolling motor battery as these products are not at all cheap they can cost you a fortune if you fail to make the right choice as making the wrong choice will leave you with no other option but to use the non-up to the mark product by paying more and in turn getting less than what was required at least expected.

Ok why do you think the above mentioned batteries have a milestone of their own and how do they made it so far and still with the quality, built quality, performance etc over fall key points?

There are basically 3 basic features that are looked upon keenly while purchasing a battery

  • Amp Hours (A.P)
  • Power System
  • Design, Construction and maintenance.

Amp Hours (APH)

A trolling motor battery gets its ratings only through Ampere which is a unit used to calculate the total time or duration of a battery which was able to withstand the use and hold on after hours after hours. And as a result of the higher rating a battery has, that means that battery is having a high battery retaining capacity as compared to those with the low ratings.

Power System

Majority of the batteries are manufactured in just 12V which is more than enough but this means the power system which you are using you will be need twice more capacity to power up a 24V motor.

Design, Construction and Maintenance

The modern batteries are designed and constructed in such a manner that they will in the least case ever require maintenance as compared to the older batteries which was heavy as well. And it doesn’t matter if you use it upside down it’s rather safe to use.

Dual Purpose Batteries vs. Deep Cycle Batteries

best trolling motor battery

Before we start with the distinguishing of Dual purpose batteries and Deep cycle marine batteries let us know what these batteries are? and some basic features and various other specs that make them different in any manner or ground whether it is built quality, battery’s power holding capacity, maintenance, performance etc.

As a majority of the boating passionate customers constantly seeking a more efficient and powerful battery, this encourages the battery manufacturing firms to come up and astonish a better battery. This is where a dual purpose marine battery kcks in. So let’s start with deep cycle battery.

Deep Cycle Batteries

 A deep cycle marine battery is a lead acid battery which is manufactured and architecture to be oftenly discharged to its fullest consuming almost all the power it has. Whereas a starter battery is designed and manufactured in such a way that it could deliver short but high powered current bursts that could help in starting or jump start an engine, thus this allows only discharging a smaller part of its full capacity. The deep cycle battery is architecture in such a manner that it could discharge somewhere between 45 to 75 percent of the capacity while depending on the manufacturer and designing of the battery. However, these batteries are used uptil the moment it has only 20 % juice remaining

How does a deep cycle battery work?

 There is a huge difference between the typical deep cycle battery is the amount of power it uses and a manner in which the energy is consumed. Deep cycle battery are designed in such a manner that it may consume a huge percentage of the capacity in the process which is termed as a deep charge. When a dual battery is fully discharged, it can withstand damage that has created an effect that the total lifespan of the battery’s ability to discharge. Some batteries are designed to withstand a 45 percent while others can withstand 75 percent discharge of the total energy capacity on a long run.

Where these deep cycle batteries are used?

 As it’s not surprising to know that the deep cycle batteries are designed to discharge a very minute piece of energy over a long period of time than the other batteries, they are most commonly and religiously used for electronic appliances and motors that need a strong, steady and even more consistent supply of power source or energy. The deep cycle batteries are used to power up small vehicles like electric powered wheelchairs, golf carts as well as including the list a forklift too. Most of the instruments and navigational devices fitted inside a boat are designed in such a manner that they could use power from a deep cycle battery when the inboard or outboard motor is not functional or non-operational and non-active. In the end, deep cycle batteries speaking of the bigger deep cycle batteries they are more commonly and extensively utilized as a storage battery for solar and powering up other renewable energy systems.

Deep cycle batteries and its Amp Hours

 Majority of the deep cycle batteries are rated in Amp Hours (AH) which acts as a unit which is used to measure the amount of energy used by the battery that could help to provide power for a longer period of time. Smaller deep cycle batteries often have a ratings of 25-50 AH whereas the bigger batteries are usually rated at an AH of 100. While on the other hand side amp hours might look like a measure of time, the actual amount of time a deep cycle battery can act as a real looking power source that completely is dependant on the current needed by a trolling motor or any other electric powered appliances and devices. The greater the current, the faster will be the battery’s capacity to consume the total energy of the battery. This makes it even more important to take into consideration the amount of energy needed by any other trolling motor or electrical equipment before you decide to get yourself a deep cycle battery.

So now let’s take Dual Purpose Battery and its definition and other aspects that help in differentiating a dual purpose battery from a deep cycle battery.

DualPurpose Batteries

 Dual purpose battery is usually those kind of batteries which are best to install. It is usually very useful for you when you have a smaller boat and you have a very small room to install a particular battery either due to space problem of course and the weight restrictions that comes along uninvited with some trolling boats, then going for a dual purpose marine battery would be an ideal option for you which basically is architecture for handling start and cycling of a trolling boat.

How does a dual purpose marine battery work? 

Now as we have seen in the above details of a deep cycle marine battery functioning, let us have a quick look on how does the dual purpose battery gets the show on the road. Basically, as the name states it is a dual purpose battery, this battery performs the work of two batteries. A typical deep cycle battery is endured to handle prolonged use consuming lower amps or power, but does not cater to the need of providing higher cranking amps for starting a motor. A dual battery acts as a helping hand when the need of two separate batteries or facing an issue of miss used battery arises. This is where a dual purpose battery takes over. While starting the equipment the battery consumes a far less amount of energy as compared to a deep cycle battery.

Dual Purpose Battery Amp Hours 

A battery’s capacity is measured in Amp Hours (AH) as well as Reserve Minutes (RM). Amp hours on an dual purpose battery is nothing but the total amount of power that battery can deliver for the specified hours based on the specific amount of discharge rate. Before the Voltage drops to 10.5, once the volt has reached 10.5 it will consume more energy at a more higher rate. Which is a major or senior most drawback of using a dual purpose battery over a marine battery. So as a battery’s reputation is counted or measured with the ratings you need to pay attention on the manufacturer’s product ratings with the other brands rating so that you could get the most out of it as you paid for it to work so it should able to deliver a performance if not up to the mark but at least to a satisfactory level on the grounds of either quality or the withstanding capacity of the battery which is measured in AH. A best dual purpose marine battery can serve better than those of the regular dual purpose battery.

Where these Dual Purpose Batteries are used? 

With a number of rules and restrictions, there could be exceptions too, these dual purpose batteries could be used for the cranking as well as trolling purpose too. Any ways these dual purpose batteries may not be the most appropriate option while thinking of using it on most of the boats. Which means that there would one less battery to purchase as well as maintain, like most of the times we see 2 in 1 option, there we always face the problem of despite it being a dual purpose you can’t use it to the fullest availing all the benefits of using two separate batteries. A dual purpose battery therefore somewhere loses its grip when compared to a deep cycle marine battery. Many of these batteries can’t even withstand full drainage or discharge. A  Whereas these batteries also has the issue of overheating in tough conditions which is not good at all when you are far away from land. Despite of these things the dual purpose batteries can be suitable for short trips if used and maintained well.

What to Look For in a Trolling Motor Battery? 

There are a few things that needs to be taken into consideration while you get a new trolling battery for yourself

  • Ampere hour rating
  • Power System
  • Design, Construction and maintenance.
  • Ampere Hour Rating

Is there any way in which we could know how reputed and trusted a battery is or whether the brand is that trusted so that you could use its product? The first and the foremost thing to be paid attention while getting a battery for yourself is to lookout for the ampere rating hours. Also, the ampere is the unit which is a helping hand in estimating the total duration or a time on a battery. So in short it is the total withstanding capacity of the battery. Hence the better rating a battery has the bigger it will be having a capacity to the others with having low rating stars. Only a top trolling motor battery and the manufacturer of the same will have the highest ratings which will leave you with a crystal clear decision of what should be brought. And how ever doesn’t matter what the product is the only thing that matters is when talking about a costly battery powered product is that it should last or else it’s just a waste of your precious time and money.

  • Power System

As it has been observed over the years, that decades after decades after the development of the trolling motor mechanism, earlier it was a whole different ball game that is because as the time changed everything along with powering system and total capacity contained in a trolling motor battery has completely changed over a huge course of time. So today most of the batteries that are manufactured which reach the seller and from there lands straight on a boat is powered with a 12 V of power which would be sufficient for the purpose. But if your motor requires a 24 V battery power then it is strongly recommended that you should get 2 batteries, both of 12 V each, with only a 24 V battery help you will be able to operate a heavy motor. The most obvious reason behind it can be is that the total energy required to get that 24V motor running is not what that 12V battery was made for, but if still a customer does that there is a high chance of the battery malfunctioning and other performance thereafter. Even a top trolling motor battery won’t be able to withstand this power fluctuation load.

  • Design, Maintenance and Construction

In the earlier days when the trolling motor was found that time the trolling battery which was used was completely different from what we have today. The batteries had different backup capacities, a very strange design and construction and also the maintenance of those batteries in the earlier days. The maintenance in those days was a complete headache as well as time and money consuming. But when we take a look over the battery of today’s era you will come to know how much advancement there has been ever since. The battery has a complete new and styling design which gives it a good appearance. Also, the battery’s construction has transformed into a very tough and rigid equipment in spite of it being an electronic device or equipment. And as of the above two developments in the trolling motor battery, it now hardly ever will need maintenance. These batteries are ven lighter these days and the manufacturers has designed it so well that it doesn’t even make a difference if you use it upside down.

The 5 Best Trolling Motor Batteries

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

best marine motor battery

About the battery:

The Optima battery 8016-103 D34M is a very adaptive battery that could be used for both the purposes whether it can either starting or can be deep cycling. When the optima batteries of these model holds a 120-Minute reserve capacity along with a 750 CCA, this can be a battery on which a customer can rely due to the built quality as well as good enough capacity to retain power when you are far off from land.


The features of this battery can be understood even better once we have read the below pointers

  • These batteries are packed with 750 AMP of power.
  • As these batteries have a 750 of cold cranking amps this battery could be proved as the best option for starting whether it is a boat, a RV or any other mechanical equipment
  • The design of these Optima 8016 batteries help them to deliver an outstanding performance in the cold weather.
  • And this battery can successfully cope up in extreme cold weather and under any given stressful situation.
  • Apart from that these batteries have the tendencies to easily hold off up to 15 times more vibrations than any other regular battery can from other brands.
  • These Optima 8016-103 D34M blue top has a large enough 120 minute reserve power storing capacity
  • The Optima 8016 is a much lighter and compact battery as compared with the batteries of other brands too.
  • The firm of Optima sells the battery with 2 year manufacturer warranty incase if things don’t turn up right.


  • The Optima 8016-103 D34M Blue Top battery is a battery of best quality that could be used for both the purposes whether it is starting or deep-cycling.
  • This can be announced as the best battery which can serve for dual purpose options in the market if you are on a hunt for an all purpose battery for your boat.
  • Having a 750 cold cranking amps an Optima Blue Top is having enough power to start a boat engine
  • These optima batteries come with a reserve capacity of 120 Minutes so as you can take care of some unexpected surprises as it would not look or sound good if you leave for somewhere and get stuck in between just because you ran out of juice.
  • It comes packed with various feature such as a vibration resistant design that helps it to handle easily 15 times more vibration than other brand batteries
  • This design helps the battery from getting damaged and battery owner from unexpected expenses.
  • And the battery being light and compact it could be without any hassle mounted anywhere inside your RV or boat.


  • As it is known to most boat passionate people that the Optima 8016-103 D34M Blue top works on the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, gives rise to high chances of the battery getting damaged through overcharging.
  • This is a very small risk factor and will rise only In case of poor battery handling.


  • The optima battery model 8016-103 D34M blue top is an outstanding dual purpose battery which could be used on your boat or RV.
  • Its sleek design and competitive pricing has helped the brand to hold the position for years.
  • It is a value for money even at its retail price.

  Universal UB121000-45978 12v 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery 

universal motor battery


The universal UB121000-45978 is a top of the line deep cycle battery in quality which has been designed to maximum of its holding capacity of power when used with trolling motors and other electrical equipment. As this battery has a high rating of 100 AH this battery could be proved as a positive and considerable option for your boating purpose and also can be helpful for storing power in the battery for backup purpose just incase a power cut off or blackouts in those areas where load shedding is quite often to occur.


  • The Universal UBI000121 battery model is designed in such a manner that it consumes most of its power for getting along with trolling motors and electrical equipments.
  • The battery manufactured and architectured using the Absorbent Glass Mat (AMT) technology which enables faster charging and far better improved performance
  • This battery comes with a 100 percent maintenance free tag line
  • You don’t need to pour water as in case of lead acid batteries people are usually fed up with
  • The UBI000121 battery when on standby mode has the least discharge rate
  • On a standby mode it would lose just 3 percent of its power
  • Thus this helps this battery to stand apart from the other battery brands
  • The UBI000121 is specially designed for deep cycle purpose with 100 AH rating.
  • This model is not from those of starter battery types which could be used to start motors as well as other electrical equipment or machinery.
  • The UBI000121 comes with an all year warranty which protects the buyer and gives him guarantee against any damages or functioning issues within a 12 month period of time.


  • The UB121000-45978 can be a great choice if you are looking for a good reliable deep cycle battery.
  • It could be again a great choice for using it against solar energy systems at home
  • It is a quite efficient battery which is capable of storing energy well while on the other losing just 3 percent of its capacity in an entire month.
  • The UB121000-45978 is a good performer and this is said and agreed on the grounds of this battery being used primarily most by the trolling motors which is quite an energy consuming activity which is handled smoothly with this battery.
  • Another benefit of this battery is that it is 100 AH rated battery.
  • And it would not be something more to ask from this battery as it could very efficiently contain enough power to keep a medium sized trolling motor.
  • This battery comes with an additional benefit of it getting recharged faster.
  • The UB121000-45978 could reach its full power capacity in just mere 10 to 12 hours
  • The use of AGM technology in UB121000-45978 has helped creating a benchmark in the performance grounds.
  • The AGM technology helps in reducing the cost that is to be spent on maintenance considerably.
  • There is completely no requirement of filling the battery with water and yes exactly no need of maintaining it at all.


  • As UB121000-45978 is a deep cycle battery it can not be used for ignition of the outboard engines, cars and or mechanical equipment.
  • This battery can not be used for boats, machinery or RV’s, you will use a separate battery for that.


  • The UB000121-478 battery stands out to be an ideal good quality deep cycle battery for using it along with a trolling motor.
  • It is also an effective solution to use with your solar energy systems.
  • And this battery being available at just a mere cost of 200 $ it’s a very fair enough price for a product of this benchmark and performance.

VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery

trolling motor battery walmart


The VMAX MR127 12 Volt battery belongs from the group 27 and is actually one of the most reliable batteries ever to be produced. This battery is well known for delivering non altered performance, with enabled quick charge and has been giving the customer a great resisting power from the variation mainly occurred to the battery of which the entire credit is taken away by the thick plastic exterior.


  • The VMAX MR127 design enables it to be fitted in a 27 group battery box.
  • Hence this makes it even easier so that it could be easily mounted inside the boat.
  • The VMAX MR!127 comes packed with a 100 AH rated battery.
  • This 12V 100AH rated battery can successfully deliver performance without failing on the performance grounds.
  • The VMAX MR127 can help in the functioning of trolling motors and other electrically powered and operated devices, machines and equipments.
  • This battery has been delivering the performance only because of the consistent and uninterrupted source of 12V power.
  • Another additional feature of the battery is carved out of a thick, durable plastic case.
  • And in turn this plasting casing provides a helping hand to protect itself from the damage that could arise due to countless vibrations, knocks and other various issues by which a battery could be damaged in any manner doesn’t matter if it does get damaged in the slightest this thick plastic coating will help it to be safe from the surprise moments.
  • These batteries are manufactured using the Absorbent Glass Material (AGM) technology that could help to minimize the maintenance cost whereas on the other hand delivering performance and quick charging feature.
  • So these batteries come along with a standard 12 month replacement warranty to protect the buyers from any other defects whether it is on performance grounds or quality parameters combined with a 30 day money back guarantee. 


  • The VMAX MR127 is successful in delivering top of the line deep cycle performance
  • This makes it a battery which is in actual words a great battery.
  • The VMAX MR127 is a battery that could be a perfect match that could work with the trolling motor.
  • It comes along with an additional feature of quick charge which enables it to quickly charge in just no time.
  • The charging speed is two times from that of a standard conventional battery.
  • The use of AGM electrolyte suspension system/technology could be the major reason behind this feature of this battery.
  • This system has not only assisted the battery in getting the performance of the battery in a better shape but has successfully minimized the maintenance cost caused and beared by the buyer.
  • This is an absolutely zero maintenance battery.
  • Doesn’t require any water filling or any other alike activities which could relate to service or maintenance.
  • VMAX MR127’s plastic exterior is another advantage of going for this product.
  • This exterior makes it even more durable and tough against any surprise situations.
  • It could also resist vibrations quite well and will work for years without any fail on your boat
  • Even along with the heavy weight of the battery, it comes along with a pre fitted plastic handle that could help you to ease your way when transporting or moving the battery from one place to another which could be quite challenging due to its heaviness and bulky body.


  • The first and foremost thing not pleasant about this battery is its heavy weight.
  • It is approximately 70 pounds which means somewhere around 30-35 KGS.
  • Thus this heavy weight of the battery gives rise to the batteries facing a hard time as because of the size, it would not fit inside the boat.
  • Not only that but this battery could cost a fortune to the buyer costing around 250 dollars.
  • This thing has been one of the major puller to the battery as it pulls this battery and puts up the competitor ahead of it on the pricing parameter.


  • The VMAX MR127 is one of the best batteries available in the market which could be used with a trolling motor.

Exide XMC-31 Mega Cycle AGM- 200 Sealed Maintenance Free (AGM) Marine Battery


The Exide XMC-31 is a battery that is architecture in such a way that it acts like both a starter battery as well as a deep cycle battery. The Exide XMC-31 Megacycle AGM pro efficiently delivers unparalleled performance. This performance comes very well combined and packed a 200 minute reserve capacity which is quite high as compared with other trolling motor batteries. The power rate of an Exide XMC-31 is quite a show stealer with an unbelievable power rate of 925 CCA at 0°F and 1. 110 CA at 32°F.


  • The design of the XMC-31 Megacycle allows it to quickly charge itself
  • Apart from the quick charging ability it comes with charge retaining capacity which is an additional benefit of getting this battery also which is not so commonly provided by the battery manufacturing companies
  • The XMC-31’s thick and strong exterior keeps the battery safe and sound.
  • It helps in providing excellent resistant to vibration and avoiding wear and tear.
  • As its manufactured using the AGM technology it avoids the battery from letting the battery dried out as it being used.
  • The battery has a lasting capacity of long 200 minutes of normal use which equals to 25 amps of continuous drawing capacity at temperature of 80°F.
  • Which puts it near to the top power holding capacity category on the grounds of power holding capacity.
  • The Exide XMC-131 comes along with a 24 month warranty
  • This will enable you to get a return on the battery and a free replacements n the grounds of non-functionality within 24 months from the purchase date.


  • The XMC-131 is a great battery that could play both the role which either can be of starting or deep cycling
  • An additional benefit of power holding capacity of 200 minutes.
  • It could help the buyer to get somewhere around 3 hours of regular hours with trolling motor in regular condition.
  • It is easy to quickly get it charged unless you have a good quality charger.
  • The battery stands out with several other feature.
  • This includes the unique and out of the box design which is engineered to prevent the vibrations from damaging the battery.
  • With the use of AGM technology in this battery which avoids the battery liquid from getting dried incase if you are not using the battery or under conditions of being used in excess.
  • The other magnificent advantage is the longer warranty given to the buyer.
  • While another benefit a buyer can get that if the battery fails to work, he could just send back the battery to Exide and get the work done.
  • With this hassle free benefit the Exide is a step ahead of its competitors.


Nothing in this world comes with all features that a customer has been looking for similarly any battery would have a set of its own cons.

  • The Exide XMC-131 MC is priced over a bit higher than the other competitors in the market, when the customer could get slightly better under a slight low price with the same features and performance range and power reserve capacities.
  • Secondly there has been a number of complaints reported where the customers are upset over receiving the battery which has been used already for either 3, 6 or maybe more months.
  • Even if the customer is privileged with the easy return policy the customer could easily get over with the used product this could still be of a slight inconvenience. 


  • Anyways the Exide XMC-131 Megacycle AGM-200 is a considerable battery performing as a starting battery as well as a deep cycle battery for its applications over trolling motor.
  • If you are on a hunt for a battery that could help you get the most of it for a couple of years than this product could be a great option for the right buyer.

Interstate DCM 0035 Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery

Interstate motor battery


The Interstate DCM 0035 sealed lead acid battery is an AGM technology based battery which is very compact in design. This Interstate modelled battery could be used on small trolling motors. The Interstate DCM 00035 despite being just a 35 AH battery is successful in delivering a non-altered performance. The Interstate is made in such a way that it does not require any maintenance. All thanks because of the AGM technology used in it’s manufacturing.


  • The Interstate DCM 00035 is compact in design.
  • The compactness in its design makes it a light weight battery.
  • The Interstate belongs to the U! Group.
  • The battery weighs just 23 pounds.
  • The length of this battery is even smaller which is just 7.7 inches making it one of the smallest deep cycle battery available at the moment.
  • The use of Absorbent Glass Material (AGM) technology has made this battery a maintenance free battery.
  • The Interstate charges in just no time or in other words charges itself as quickly as possible.
  • Thus making it a convenient choice if you are on a constant hunt for a battery on which you can rely on without hesitation.
  • Due to the Interstate’s light weight along with the smaller dimensions coupled with the AGM technology, the battery is very safe to be mounted on any position at any given angle within the boat.
  • Also this battery is packed inside a very thick and durable plastic case, the battery is very well protected against the bumps and other uninvited damages it might face which could on a larger scale impact the performance of the batteries.
  • Apart from that the battery comes along with the small carry handle for ease in transporting the battery from one place to another.


  • The Interstate DCM 00035 is one of the smallest batteries that has ever been manufactured in the deep cycle battery category.
  • Thus this makes it different from other deep cycle manufacturing brands and battery models.
  • It is a great purchasing option if you only want to use it with a small trolling motor which does not require larger batteries with more power to contain all around.
  • The Interstate battery weighs just around 23 pounds.
  • Thus making the Interstate very much portable and again very hassles if you want to transport the battery to your boat from one place to another as compared to all the deep cycle batteries which fall under the same category.
  • Even though the Interstate is a light weight battery, it performance is still up to the mark
  • The 35 AH rated Interstate battery is able to deliver very good and consistent performance that could with very much ease keep the boats with trolling motors running for like 2 to 3 hours without any problem.
  • The daily bumps and regular damages won’t affect the battery in any manner as it is a durable battery designed while keeping in mind these surprise situations.
  • As mentioned the battery is manufactured using the AGM technology, it makes the battery leak proof.
  • This battery could be mounted and is ready to use at any angle within the boat.
  • It is resistant to overcharging.
  • Even if you overcharge the battery it would lose just the least of its life.
  • The Interstate walks in with a 45-day money back guarantee and apart from that a one year manufacturer warranty which is a show stealer benefit of this battery only on the grounds on it malfunctioning or it being defective you could return the battery using the 12 month guarantee option for replacement at just nothing needed more to pay.


  • The biggest plus points can be sometimes the biggest drawbacks of any product.
  • The smaller size of the battery doesn’t allow it to cater to the emergency needs of the buyer
  • So it is not a good options for the people who are looking for which is compact and smaller in size.
  • Hence it is absolutely not a good decision if you want to purchase this battery but have a larger trolling motor, this is where this battery could fail to deliver.


  • The Interstate battery according to the customers is a great battery
  • This is because the battery is acquiring a very small piece of space.
  • The battery is light weight and weighs comparably far less than its larger competitors
  • The performance of the battery is upto a quite satisfactory level
  • It could be the best option if the buyer is looking for a battery which is small as well as reliable for the trolling motor use.
  • The Interstate is a very good option as the battery is quite cost efficient and is priced much less as compared with its larger competitors but the battery has drawback at some performing grounds.

Conclusion of trolling motors/batteries 

If you ever asked an experienced fisher, they will share it with you that silence is the key to angling or fishing. The bitter truth here is that the loud motors, sputtering engines and continuous vibration always scares the fishes off. The quiet approach is a component of fishing on which most of the fishermen rely. This helps them in catching bigger fishes but this is only possible with silent approach. There should be complete absence of noise, vibrations, no exhaust fumes and neither the smell of oil and gas. To attain this the fishers have been utilizing smooth, easy to turn electric powered trolling motors.

Any person who is into serious fishing will use and appreciate use of trolling motors. The trolling motors do not produce more noise and also on the other hand the thrust from the trolling motors are also very much smooth as compared with the regular motors. With the e assistance of trolling motors troll fishing or trolling becomes pretty much easy and enjoyable. Despite the trolling motors being small it is powerful and could be used in various trolling spots whether it is a lake, slow flowing rivers, lakes or large dams or other places.

The silent motor of any trolling motors will allow you to do fishing more efficiently without creating any noise or vibrations which is not advisable in trolling. Whereas the fan blades of the troll motors work so silently yet with using the power used at sometimes maximum or minimum thrust capacity, does not create any ripples. Also the trolling motors are constructed with materials like stainless steel that is resistant to any type of corrosion which keeps the trolling motor maintenance free whereas the buyer tension free of maintaining the product from time to time.

All the credits go to the quiet working nature of trolling motors because of which the troll fishers are able to catch much more fishes in less time. Also with the troll motors, thr people are now free from oaring the boats which is much more effortful whereas comparably less productive. The trolling motor however is a lifesaver for any fisher. While on the other hand it is light, versatile, efficient and easy to operate equipment. Anyways some products will beat the other products on grounds of reliability, smoothness, silence, flexibility as well as efficiency. Once you opt for the trolling motor your fishing experience will change forever.